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New Beginnings

I cannot believe that October is almost over! It was the early part of this year, the end of January to be exact; I decided to sign up for a coach training intensive. Eagerly I anticipated the arrival of the 3-day weekend. Although I attended the personal development coaching certification event over five months ago, it seems like only yesterday. I still recall the rush of emotions and excitement that ran through my mind. They were almost breathtaking as I set out to embark on this journey of new beginnings.


In retrospect, I realized that I was going start a consulting business in 2014. The desire was strong; however, the vision was not yet clear. As if the pressure of going out on my own was not enough, life took me on a “rollercoaster ride” that I was not prepared for. Needless to say, that was a tough year. I found myself self-coaching my way through one of the most difficult seasons of my life. In fact, it was during that time, I reflected on my past successes and saw how I had made impact on the lives of others by coaching them during their turbulent seasons also.


Conversely, when I was about to give up, the vision became clear to me! Yes, during a time when I was plummeting, I realized that a coaching and consulting firm was being birthed. When I finally decided to focus, I gave myself permission to let go of “the grip” that was holding me hostage and was able to step off of the self imposed rollercoaster. Have you ever been there? Thinking that a situation was not in your control and you found yourself spiraling. Are you there now, and you are ready to get off the “rollercoaster ride” that you are on?


Do not worry you are not alone! If you are not able to self-coach, connect with ARG Coaching & Consulting Group. We are here to support you during seasons of transition, helping you to move forward and create new beginnings. Coaching is a valuable tool that many people overlook. ARG’s clients are organizations and business professionals who recognize the power of having a great strategist by their side. We partner with a wide range of clients and ARG Coaching & Consulting Group looks forward to partnering with you.

Consistently cultivating,

Angela Garmon


What are you holding onto that is impeding on your ability to move forward?

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