Frequently asked questions

Does ARG Coaching & Consulting Group provide services outside of Arizona?

Yes, we do. We support a wide range of people and organizations, some of which are not in Arizona. We offer live and virtual training and services.

If I do not live in Arizona, how can ARG Coaching & Consulting Group work with me?

For our out of state clients, ARG Coaching & Consulting Group offer services via zoom.

Does ARG Coaching & Consulting Group require a contract agreement?

Yes. We have found that people who make a commitment are far more successful. Our contracts help to solidify a timeline of our partnership. They keeps us accountable and on track towards reaching your goals in a timely manner. It also helps frame the roles of each party and how we will partner together to make results happen.

What if I want to terminate my contract?

We hate to see you leave early; however, ARG Coaching & Consulting Group recognizes that life happens. All of our contracts have a 30-day termination clause. Simply submit in writing that you would like to terminate the agreement early, and we will begin to wrap up our time together.

I heard that virtual strategy sessions are not effective.

Virtual strategy sessions are effective. In fact, it is both effective and efficient. It provides the exact same services that face-to-face interactins provides without having to fight traffic. You can attend your strategy session from the privacy of your office or even your home. Our strategist just ask that you are fully present. Clear all distractions. Close the door and turn off any notifications that could be a hinderance while in your session.

What are ARG Coaching & Consulting Group's coaching standards?

When working with our coaching clients, the team of ARG Coaching & Consulting Group adhere to the standards and core competencies of International Coach Federation (ICF). Each client is given a copy of the 11 core competencies to ensure they understand what the role and functionality of our Strategist.

What are ARG's social responsibility efforts?

Giving back is important to Angela, ARG's founder. By joining ARG's group of Resilient Cultivators, you become part of a movement that supports the community. A portion of the proceeds from your Resilient Cultivator's Memberships will go to support two foundations: Women Enterprise Foundation (WEF) and the American Cancer Society. Angela understands the impact that these two organizations can make on the lives of people in the community. Being a women business owner (WBO), WEF supported her in her business development growth. As a cancer conquerer, she recognizes the importance of organizations like the American Cancer Society and wants to give back to support others through their cancer journey. Additionally, we practice sustainable efforts. We have reduced the amount of paper that we use and have moved to online forms as much as possible. Each year we evaluate our systems to continue to refine our efforts.


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