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Your Strategic Partners During Change

ARG Coaching & Consulting Group is a dedicated change management firm that serves both individuals and organizations.  We are results driven. ARG ensures that clients have solid KPIs identified and that they track their success. We customize our approach based on the specific needs of the clients to ensure that each client has the best plan in place for their organization. Our clients conquer change and cultivate sustainable results.


ARG takes great pride in serving our clients with excellence and ensuring they stay on track with executing their vision, overcoming changing, and accomplishing their goals. 


ARG is on a mission to maximize organizational performance for teams as they align, redefine, and grow through change.

We partner with organizations as an advocate for positive change management, an educator to executives (and teams) equipping them with additional tools, and a strategist to develop the best plan to conquer change and cultivate sustainable results.  



We are committed to providing a high level of service with uncompromising quality.


We genuinely care about clients, treating each one with dignity and respect.


We are dedicated to being straightforward in all of our interactions.


We deliver results by putting measurable goals in place to ensure our partners' success.


Relationship Building

We recognize that life is relational. In order to be your best, whether individually or organizationally, you have to foster great relationships. We help bridge gaps by building connections.

Cultivating Results

Not only do we ensure the right goals are in place, we help you create an environment that is consistently being cultivated which is necessary for you to thrive.

Goal Oriented

We want to see you move beyond a season of stagnancy into a season of growth. We help you identify reachable goals that are measurable and vital to your success.


We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in multiple industries and are uniquely equipped to meet your needs. Angela holds a Six Sigma Green Belt certification and we use The ARG Approach, her proven methodology to assist clients with growth.

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The ARG Approach is the proven methodology developed by our CEO.

It is used to meet the specific needs of our clients. Every organization has its own values, strengths, vision, and culture. At ARG, we leverage these distinct qualities to move you forward. Additionally, working with us is truly a collaborative effort.

This is how: 
We partner with you to strategically align your goals with your purpose and mission. This enables you to produce the desired results. It is important to standout in the industry. Therefore, we redefine the barriers that impact your performance. Identifying and capitalizing off of the unique characteristics that set you apart does this. Finally, we partner with you so that you are able to grow your influence. By establishing reachable goals that are measured will ensure you remain on track.

The ARG Approach maximizes your talent!
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