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ARG'S Social Responsibility

Giving back is important to Angela, ARG's founder. When you work with ARG, you are also contributing to something far greater. A portion of the annual revenues go to support foundations like, ARG Cultivators Community (our 501(c)3 that fosters business development for emerging business owners), and Women Enterprise Foundation (WEF).

The community partners and nonprofits we support, strengthen the well being of women and minorities in personal and professional ways, ensuring that they have the resources needed to scale their businesses.

Procurement and Diverse Spending

At ARG, we ensure that our resources are spent with diverse vendors. We try to procure with minority businesses. About 90% of our spend is with small, local, women, and minority owned companies.

The We Are Project

we are (4).png

We are creating parity for minority women-owned businesses. The We Are Project is creating awareness around the revenue and growth disparity for businesses owned by minority women. 

A portion of the proceeds from the We Are Project Box will go to support minority women in business. Our goal is to sell 1,000 boxes this year supporting at least 50 women business owners with grant/scholarship awards. 


The We Are Project is designed to eradicate the gaps that put WOC at a disadvantage, giving them an even playing field for business development.

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