Welcome to ARG Coaching & Consulting Group. A change management consulting firm. Consider ARG as the strategic partner that will enable you to align through change. The world has been riddled with more than its fair share of change lately. From COVID-19 to virtual and remote working, to social unrest. All of these have changed the way we work, live, and do business. Poorly managed change impacts everything. During change, leaders sometimes get derailed from the purpose and mission. 

ARG Coaching & Consulting Group is here to guide you through change as you overcome the obstacles that impact growth on a professional and organizational level. ARG's clients are able to align through the chaos, putting the best plan in place to move forward, conquering change, and cultivating results. What is your mission and what is impacting your ability to align? Let's conquer it together.

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Poorly managed change impacts organizational performance. In fact, how you decide to handle change today will impact your results for tomorrow. So chose to redefine it. ARG offers customizable approaches to change management, using our proven methodology that is rooted in research.

I understand what it is like to be so overwhelmed, stuck, and exhausted as a business owner (without a team), as well as a busy executive (with a team) who is "required" to work 40 or more hours a week, all while balancing life. When the right systems are not in place or there is no strategic plan to follow it can seem like you are on a hamster wheel. As a Six Sigma Green Belt and business strategist, I will help you put the right process in place. Using The ARG Approach, you will be able to redefine the barriers quickly. 

With the 90-day Change Optimizer Program, you (your team) can start producing results immediately. What will it take to redefine your situation? Let's build resiliency and results together. Select one of the boxes below that resonates with you the most and schedule a strategy call today.

I am a business owner who is struggling to scale and grow my company. I want to increase my profitability and systems. 

I am an executive who is struggling to maintain balance. I want to maximize my potential and my team's potential.

The company has gone through a lot of change. It is impacting the bottom line. I need to build cohesion and produce results. 


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Change can be paralyzing and frustrating, but as an accomplished exec, you don't have time to stand still. You desire more. You deserve more. Cultivator's Corner will help you unleash your potential while growing your influence.

Cultivator's Corner is a virtual community that provides both professional and personal transformational courses. The Corner's goal is to provide a virtual safe space for leaders to learn and explore new ways to manage change. 




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Connect with women executives from around the world (monthly) in an hour power strategy session by joining Cultivator's Circle. Hosted by me, Angela R. Garmon, CEO and Business Strategist of ARG Coaching & Consulting Group.

The Circle is a community of innovative thought leaders who becomes your advisory team. The Circle allows you to share ideas, expand visions, and hold each other accountable as you build your own individual legacies. 



Change affects everyone so differently. Where some leaders manage change well, others may have a more difficult time leading through change. That is okay. It is a skill that has to be cultivated. ARG is your advocate for positive change management, helping you and your team embrace the season while also maximizing the benefits.  

Recognizing that leaders may have different comfort levels with leading change, ARG takes the time to educate our clients, ensuring they are equipped with the right tools to be successful through this season and beyond. We don't do the work for you, we guide you through it so you understand how to apply it forward. We then work together to put the right strategy in place to produce sustainable results. 

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We are creating parity for minority women-owned businesses. The We Are Project is creating awareness around the revenue and growth disparity for businesses owned by minority women. 

A portion of the proceeds from the We Are Project Box will go to support minority women in business. Our goal is to sell 1,000 boxes this year supporting at least 50 women business owners with grant/scholarship awards. 


The We Are Project is designed to eradicate the gaps that put WOC at a disadvantage, giving them an even playing field for business development.