Of all women-owned firms are African American / black-owned firms (representing the largest minority group )

2.6 M

Total black-owned firms nationwide in 2019, earned an average of $24,000 annually per firm

$522 B

In additional revenue would have been generated, if parity for African American women-owned firms were reached

$981 B

In additional revenue would have been generated, if parity for all minority women-owned firms were reached

With your support, The We are Project will be able to assist at least 50 minority women-owned businesses nationwide with scholarship opportunities to help strengthen and scale their business. 

Our goal is to sell 1,000 boxes by December 2021.

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The We Are Project Box consists of items for personal reflection and group conversations around embracing differences. Our hope is that the contents of the box will help foster discussions that lead to action, which will ultimately lead to parity in the business ecosystem, our communities, and workplaces. 

The Project has four objectives:

  • Be the Voice for change

  • Cultivate stronger connections

  • Provide access to capital 

  • Educate and mentor emerging WBOs


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Stats pulled from the State of Women-Owned Business Report commissioned by American Express.