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Nature Speaks

Nature speaks loudly, you just have to pause for a moment, notice the beauty it produces and wait to hear what it is saying to you. Sitting on the patio this morning, I was able to enjoy the 80-degree weather in sunny Arizona. Allow me to paint the picture that images cannot always capture. The backyard is lined with vibrant bougainvillea bushes that boasts with color. All of them in bloom with lovely magenta blossoms. Their lushness is almost breathtaking. Situated in the corner is one of my favorite Arizona trees. The ficus tree. It has a larger than life presence in the yard. It is beautifully towering. The density of its leaves offers shade to those seeking refuge, blocking some of the intensity of the Arizona sun, while its complexities houses the mystery of some of its inhabitants. It was at that moment, as I gazed into its beauty, nature began speaking.

Align – Choose to nurture your nature

Because of the ornate beauty of the other bushes, many would miss the bougainvillea bush that silently hides in

the corner. That bush in the corner, lush and green, does not boast with the same burst of magenta. Unfortunately, its nature has been neglected. At one time, or maybe even now, many of us have identified with that particular bush. The bush is alive. It is growing, but it isn’t flourishing. Innately, it has the same potential as the rest of the bushes, yet it has one major obstacle that it cannot overcome. Its environment does not support its desire to blossom. The same towering ficus tree that shades and provides comfort to the rest of the yard hinders the bush’s ability to flourish.

Like this bougainvillea that has found itself resting in the shades of discomfort, we too find ourselves in “shady” situations that we have not figured out how to move beyond. Instead of moving forward, we rest in the discomfort of our circumstances and grow in the realm of self-pity, taking up roots right where the seed was planted. Yes, neglecting our desire to blossom. Unlike the bougainvillea, which has no power to uproot and move to a different location, we can! You can! You can choose to move beyond the obstacles that have you stuck. How? Choose life! Choose to nurture your nature! Better yet, choose to blossom, despite where you are planted.

Redefine your nature

You can show yourself that you are far stronger than your situation. The first place to start is to redefine what you are telling yourself. So this may sound rudimentary; however, most of the difficulties that we face are magnified in our minds by continuous and rehearsed thoughts. This is a form of cognitive distortion (click on link to learn more). We tell ourselves and therefore we believe. Knowing that you have control over what you tell yourself, you can consciously begin to take steps towards uprooting what has been planted and moving towards your desired outcome. Below are some suggestions on how you can redefine your nature.

What negative words are you speaking into your life?

  • Start by paying attention to the words you speak and the thoughts you are thinking about your situation.

  • When those negatives thoughts come into your mind, note them so that you are aware of them.

  • Counteract the negative thoughts by telling yourself something positive. This will begin to minimize the negative chatter.

  • Use visual aids to reinforce your thoughts. i.e. post-it-notes or vision boards with positive quotes and scriptures.

Grow beyond your circumstances

You are able to take action now and grow beyond your circumstances. Here are some ideas that will enable you to move forward.

  • Think about how you can turn your thoughts into a bigger vision, giving yourself permission to dream big.

  • Ask yourself, where would you like to be 3 weeks from now? 3 months from now? 3 years from now?

  • Begin by making strides in that direction.

  • Write down your goals. By writing them down, you are putting action behind your vision.

  • Make a SMART plan: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Reachable, Timely.

  • Work diligently towards your outcome.

Recognizing that your purpose is far greater than any seed that has been planted and deeper than any root that has formed, you can begin to “shift” the ground beneath you. With each step you take, it will become easier. You will grow stronger and vibrant. You will begin to flourish and blossom. Yes, even in the face of “towering trees” that stand in your way!

Consistently cultivating,

Angela Garmon

Align | Redefine | Grow

At ARG Coaching & Consulting Group, we enable our clients to align their goals with their purpose, redefine themselves by identifying unique characteristics that set them apart and grow by establishing reachable goals. If you would like to learn more about our coaching options, connect with us to today at (480) 442-9841 or email us at

Consistently cultivating better YOU!

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