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What is the ARG Approach?

The ARG Approach is the proven methodology developed by our strategist, Angela Garmon. It is used to meet the specific needs of our clients. Everyone has their own values, strengths, visions and cultures. At ARG Coaching & Consulting Group, we leverage these distinct qualities to move you forward. Additionally, working with us is truly a collaborative effort.
This is how: 
We partner with you to strategically align your goals with your purpose and mission. This enables you to produce the desired results. It is important to standout in the industry. Therefore, we redefine how you are positioned in the market. Identifying and capitalizing off of the unique characteristics that set you apart does this. Finally, we partner with you so that you are able to grow. By establishing reachable, yet lofty goals that are measured will ensure you remain on track.
The ARG Approach maximizes your talent!
Focus Areas:
ARG Coaching & Consulting Group is a professional consulting firm that works with both individuals and organizations to conquer change and cultivate results. Our key impact areas for maximizing your talent and skills are:
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