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Leadership CORE 360°

Connect with us if your team could benefit from:

Conflict resolution training

Building team cohesiveness

Change management techniques

Discussions about unconscious bias

Enhanced organizational performance

Creating a coaching culture

Tools for strategic alignment

Stronger communication skills

Driving customer engagement 

Increased leadership engagement

Track 1: Module 1

Introduction To Leadership CORE 360°

Track 1: Module 2

Introduction To 5 Practices Of Exemplary Leadership

Track 1: Module 3

Lead With Your Strengths - What Are Your Values In Action

Track 1: Module 4

Leaders Model The Way

Track 1: Module 5

How Can Leaders Inspire A Shared Vision Within The Organization

Track 1: Module 6

Leadership Engagement Within The Organization

Leadership Engagement

Track One


Track 2: Module 1

Leadership CORE 360° Part 2 - Tapping Into Employee Potential 

Track 2: Module 2

Team Communication and Resolving Conflict

Track 2: Module 3

Challenging The Process To Create Innovative Teams

Track 2: Module 4

Managing A Diverse Team And Leverage Their Strengths

Track 2: Module 5

Cultivating A Team Environment Through Coaching

Track 2: Module 6

Team Engagement Within The Organization

Team Engagement

Track Two


Track 3: Module 1

How Is The Business Equipped To Serve Its Customers

Track 3: Module 2

Create A Customer Experience By Delivering Exceptional Service

Track 3: Module 3

Enabling Others To Act For Positive Customer Experience

Track 3: Module 4

Increase Customer Satisfaction Through Service Blueprinting 

Track 3: Module 5

Understanding The Pressure Points Of The Organization

Track 3: Module 6

Drive Customer Engagement Within The Organization

Customer Engagement

Track Three


Track 4: Module 1

Leadership CORE 360° Part 3 - Creating A Culture of Excellence

Track 4: Module 2

Effective Change Management Within The Organization

Track 4Module 3

Stand Out In The Field And Learn To SWOT The Competition

Track 4: Module 4

Encouraging The Heart Reinforces Culture 

Track 4Module 5

Align, Redefine And Grow Towards Success: Goal Alignment 

Track 4: Module 6

Strategically Align The Organization


Track Four

Strategic Alignment

Leadership CORE 360° is a leadership development program that equips your team with the necessary tools to strategically align the organization, handle change, and produce results.

Program summary:

  • 12 month program

  • Quarterly objectives

  • Monthly progress checklists

  • 48 hours of skill based training

  • Ask about our customizable plans

Leadership CORE 360°can easily adjust for:

  • Executive retreats

  • Team building workshops

  • Strategy planning sessions

  • Start planning today - Call (480) 442-9841 

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