ARG Cultivator's Community

Our Social Responsibility

ARG'S Social Responsibility:

Giving back is important to Angela, ARG's founder. When you work with ARG Coaching & Consulting Group, you are also contributing to something far greater. A portion of the annual revenues will go to support three foundations: ARG Cultivators Community our 501(c)3 that fosters business development for emerging business owners, Women Enterprise Foundation (WEF), and the American Cancer Society.

To show up at our best, we have to have balance in our lives. A part of ARG Cultivators Community's mission is to be a conduit through change. As a community, we have to support each other in health and business in order to thrive. There continues to be a disparity gap for women business owners and an even larger one for minority women-owned businesses. The aforementioned foundations strengthen the well being of women in personal and professional ways, ensuring that women have the resources they need to manage what life throws their way. 

Angela understands the impact that these organizations can make on the lives of people in the community. Being a women business owner (WBO), WEF supported her with scholarship and grant funds to assist with business development. As a cancer conquerer, she recognizes the importance of organizations like the American Cancer Society and gives back to support others through their cancer journey.