If your organization is having challenges implementing change, struggling with performance issues, or transitioning and need to establish a new foundation, connect with us today. ARG Coaching & Consulting Group is a valuable resource for organizations. We work with companies of all sizes. 


We will collaborate with your team enabling them to:

Build cohesive teams

Implement viable strategic plans 

Enhance leadership effectiveness

Improve organizational performance



ARG Coaching & Consulting Group clients have:

  • Reduced turnover ratios

  • Enhanced employee morale 

  • Improved efficiencies in processes

  • Shown cost savings to the bottom line

  • Created stronger employee engagement 

  • Increased revenues year over year; and more!


Together, we will partner to establish the best plan to move your organization forward. We provide virtual or live training and assessments.

Collaborative Team Approach

Change Optimizer 90-Day Program

ARG works with non-profit and for-profit organizations that are having challenges with organizational change. It happens often and sometimes when least expected. We understand.

Our Business Strategist has worked with new build teams, where she helped put processes into place. She has managed hotel acquisitions, successfully transitioning a hotel from one portfolio to another. Additionally, she worked with non-profits teams going through nasty board disputes, helping them understand their bylaws, aligning them with their mission and getting them back on track.

How you manage change is critical to your company’s success. We can assist. Allow us to come in and perform an assessment on the organization. We will provide a summary and propose ways to keep your team on track.

ARG can also become part of your transition team so you have a non-bias party present, allowing for more objectivity during these tough times.

Each organization is different. Schedule an appoitnment to discuss your situation. ARG is the calming force in the midst of your chaos.

Conflict Resoultion

Conflict can plague a company if it is not handled timely and with care. Many leaders avoid conflict at all cost. Whereas others try to confront it, but they just don’t know how to manage.

Poorly managed conflict can impact company morale. It can derail performance and increase turnover. Call us to mediate. ARG will guide everyone involved towards a workable solution, ensuring everyone is heard and contributing to the discussion and solution.

We also provide conflict resolution workshops that enable the team to understand what their conflict resolution styles are. Reach out to begin working on a solution best for your team.

Team Building Workshops

ARG will work closely with your leaders to customize a team building workshop that fits the immediate needs of your organization. By design, each workshop will incorporate unique aspects of your organization. Call now to start the conversation. We will discuss your team's needs and propose the right topics and exercise for your team building workshops.

Leadership CORE 360°

Leadership CORE 360° is a leadership development program that is far greater than just management skills-based training. It equips your team with the necessary tools to strategically align your organization, handle change, and produce results.

The full program is designed to Cultivate Objectively Resilient Environments. There are four modules that consist of 48 hours of training. Your team can experience all 24 tracks or you can customize based on your organizational needs and training budget.

Call to discuss your team's needs and customize a plan that fits your budget. Learn more about our tracks, click here: Leadership CORE 360°


We recognize that there isn't a one size fit all model to change management. The Collaborative Approach is customized based on the specific needs of each organization. 


Select the "Book It" button to schedule a consult today to discuss a strategy for your organizational needs.

In-depth consult that will allow us to understand what are the areas of opportunities. Walk away with a framework on how to begin navigating change effectively within you...
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